Historically Barton Haven was a significant port and used extensively well into the 20th Century.

Opening up the possibility for moorings above the foot bridge alongside Waterside Road, for Yachts, Barges , and Narrow Boats.

In the more immediate future the Haven itself can be developed for visiting pleasure craft, Barton is only half an hour from Hull Meridian Quay (the marina) , and a few hours from Grimsby Fish Dock (Humber cruising association) . With improved navigation yachts will have better access and so be encouraged to visit Barton.

Looking to the future their is potential for commercial barges to unload, for example a standard road lorry  averages 186.6 gross ton-miles per gallon compared with 544.5 net ton-miles per gallon for a barge. As fossil fuels become harder to come by and more and more expensive having deliveries by barge will become a real asset to the Humber region.