The Barton upon Humber Haven Regeneration Project Objects

With other stakeholders to ensure the restoration of such parts of the Barton upon Humber Haven from the River Humber to Butts Road as feasible to do.

To achieve this objective by raising public interest and funds, liaising with all relevant statutory bodies, companies, concerns or person having legitimate interest in the restoration.

To establish the degree of restoration as is achievable and appropriate.

Firstly to proceed as a voluntary membership group which will apply to register a charity with like objectives at the appropriate time. No member shall be admitted to membership without the consent of the membership.

To appoint trustees to hold any funds and property as may be acquired and need to be disbursed; to open a bank account or accounts upon the necessary resolution.

The above objectives shall be managed by the members at meeting voting by a simple majority. The date and time of meetings shall be agreed at prior meetings and may be called by the secretary on 3 days written notice.

There shall be appointed a chairman, secretary, and treasurer who shall be appointed and remain in office from time to time by a simple majority of the members.

If the group is wound up before its property is passed to a charity, that property shall be given to a charity named in the resolution to wind the group up and in default, to Lindsey Lodge Hospice.



Barton Haven Regeneration Project has identified these aims and objectives:

These aims and objectives are tentatively presented with the caveat of “as is achievable and appropriate”



Our current membership is:


Joe Irving->Chair Person
Peter Bending->Secretary
Mark Burton->Member
Rodney Clapson->Member
O.H Boyd->Member

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