Our aims and objectives.

Improve the local environment by developing tourism including mooring potential within the haven.

Barton Haven today is somewhat overlooked and isn’t reaching its potential as a tourist spot and a welcoming port for visiting yachts. By forming this group of like minded individuals we hope to improve the Haven at Barton upon Humber and provide an economic boost to Bartons Waterside Road, The Humber Bridge viewing area , and Waters’edge Country Park Visitors Centre and to Barton in general as a destination for tourism.

Clean the haven, to aid flood prevention and improve drainage.

The Haven today is populated by shopping trollies, bicycles, road cones and other assorted items that have been discarded.

Not only does this look unsightly it impedes the flow of water down the Haven which leads to stagnant water and on some occasions a rather pungent smell.

As a group we would also seek to improve the width of the Navigation or “cut” that runs the length of the Haven so that a greater volume of run off water could be taken if required, we all remember what happened to Hull in 2007.

Maintain & improve navigation.

Historically Barton Haven was a significant port and used extensively well into the 20th Century.

Opening up the possibility for moorings above the foot bridge alongside Waterside Road, for Yachts, Barges , and Narrow Boats.

In the more immediate future the Haven itself can be developed for visiting pleasure craft, Barton is only half an hour from Hull Meridian Quay (the marina) , and a few hours from Grimsby Fish Dock (Humber cruising association) . With improved navigation yachts will have better access and so be encouraged to visit Barton.

Looking to the future their is potential for commercial barges to unload, for example a standard road lorry  averages 186.6 gross ton-miles per gallon compared with 544.5 net ton-miles per gallon for a barge. As fossil fuels become harder to come by and more and more expensive having deliveries by barge will become a real asset to the Humber region.

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Barton Haven in pictures

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Inaugural meeting held

The first meeting of the Barton Haven Regeneration project...

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